IRSP Welcomes the Release of Jose Balmon Castells

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Irish Republican Socialist Party
13 December 2001

The IRSP Welcomes the Release of Jose Balmon Castells from Sevilla II Prison

Dear comrade Jose, a chara,

Today in spite of the distance between us, we have never felt as
close as we do today, on the day you attain your freedom once again.

The comrades of the Irish Republican Socialist Party with your own
comrades today to welcome you home, to celebrate your release after
17 years imprisonment, and to celebrate the victory you have
claimed for all those who struggle for the interests of the working
class through your release today.

A victory we say, because in spite of the fascist crimes, dispersion,
torture, imprisonment, and other hardships imposed upon you by the
Spanish State and their imperialist allies, your resistance, courage
and commitment to the revolutionary struggle for socialism serves to
strengthen the resolve of all those who share the cause of socialist
revolution with you. Your example provides  hope and strength to all
working people to contend with the adversity they encounter in their
own workplace, homeland, municipality, or other place where they must
make their own stand.

To resist is to win! You, like our own comrades and other
revolutionaries around the globe, model the determination of a
revolutionary socialist not merely through words, but through the
example of your life as you live it each day, so that others can
aspire towards the same.

The members of the IRSP hail your release and join with your
comrades, GRAPO and the PCE(r), family, friends and loved ones in
embracing you as a brother and a comrade.

Now and always, you can rely on the solidarity of the IRSP, because
ours is a revolutionary alliance. Your struggle is our struggle. when
you suffer, we cry. When you achieve victory, we feel the rush of
freedom's air in our breasts. Today, because of your release, we are
that much freer. Welcome home to the embrace of the working class,
who will always remember the sacrifice you endured for them.

Long Live the Revolutionary Struggles of the Irish and Spanish
Working People!

Long Live the Solidarity Between our Two Peoples!

Long Live Comrades Such as Jose Balmon Castells!


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