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Re John Gulick's question:

You are right, 'discourse' doesn't equal reality. In this case, the
'discourse' (a word I hate, so forgive the single quotes) is an
indication of the policy goals of the USA in Latin America - take
over the European zone, i.e. Mexicanize Brazil.

John's question is below.

"I ask: Is it not true that when the Bush Administration first took
office after  the hijacked election, Condoleezza Rice and other state
department and national security types were making a lot of comments,
giving a lot of talks, and issuing a  lot of white papers on how
Brazil is a key trade and FDI "partner" of the U.S.,and how the U.S.
needs to Mexicanize its "relationship" with Brazil ? Not  that
discourse equals reality."

All the best, anthony

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 12/13/2001

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