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> I don't think the critical question is class-consciousness. It is whether
> the "gains of October" have been repealed. I believe they have been.

But isn't this precisely an issue of class-consciousness??????????

And, at any rate, if "the gains of October" (namely socialism) have been 
repealed, the question still lingers on as to whether the Russian workers (and 
other social groups under aggression) will accept recolonization passively or 
not. If they have, then Pernambuco is their final destiny, and without the palm 
trees by the sea. This is the basic issue here: a recolonization of Russia will 
not be able to reproduce the producers such as they are and they attract 

Skilled and up-to-date workers require a whole set of social conditions to 
exist. On some previous posting, Lou Pr stated that this pool of skilled, low-
paid, workers was one of the main reasons why the West was interested in Russia 
(I agree). But he forgot to ask whether in the new Russia that is now in the 
imperialist blueprints there is any possibility that this kind of worker will 
be produced again: there isn't.

Will the Russian masses be passive onlookers of their own destruction?  Does 
the popularity of Putin have only a reactionary meaning? Can't we see that the 
Russians are trying to save from October the only "gain" that still remains, 
which is the centralized state, and that the person that history has chosen for 
this task is the s.o.b. Putin? Can't we see that all this was lurking behind 
the Chechen war and we should not forget it in our analyses?

And, if we can't, shouldn't we begin to ask ourselves _why_ we can't?

I stubbornly reject any Catch-22 version of history. There IS always some way 
out. Only that we humans aren't always up to the height of what is expected 
from us (which means, "of what WE must expect from OURSELVES").

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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