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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Dec 14 08:21:02 MST 2001

For USA-ians on the list, Public Television must appear as one long, dreary
series of shows featuring either kitschy Irish or Italian tenors, or
soporific inside-the-beltway political talk shows. Two quality shows
slipped through the cracks recently that you should keep an eye out for,
since they tend to be repeated.

One is called "Shaolin: Wheel of Life" and features a performance on stage
of kung-fu fighting priests like the kind that Jet Li and Jackie Chan used
to play before being corrupted by Hollywood. Go to:

and you can see a live video clip.

Also, look for the POV documentary titled "Promises" that I saw last night.
This is an *extremely* powerful profile on Israeli and Palestinian children
who are astonishingly frank, mature and conscious of their own material
interests on camera. One of the Palestinian youths goes with his
grandmother to the site of his ancestral home that was bulldozed by the
Zionists long ago. She has given him a key to the house that is a symbol of
their nationalist yearnings. On the other side of the fence, you see an
ultra-orthodox settler boy who puts pebbles on the grave of an 11 year old
friend who was killed by Hamas. His cherubic face is out of whack with his
murderous sentiments about Palestinians.

Louis Proyect
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