Facts on Google and facts in the minds

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Fri Dec 14 09:47:49 MST 2001

>>> mark.jones at tiscali.co.uk 12/14/01 11:22AM >>>
>"Are the Russian masses psychologically defeated?

They are *defeated* and they know it. If they were in denial about it, this
would be a bad thing, not a good thing. Nothing good can be born of
illusion, especially optimistic illusion. They are defeated and have been
dying by the million. They can be depressed or exhilarated, they can
harbour unspoken desires for revenge or they can love to lick American
boots, it makes no damn difference.


CB: Even though this may be an academic question, I'm trying to think of what are the material underpinnings, rather than psychological characteristics, of this defeat. Why _materially_ can't the Russian working class overcome their new oppressors ? What are the objective, not subjective , barriers to revival ?

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