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Jim Drysdale jimd48 at
Fri Dec 14 13:17:56 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Mark writes...

snip> I don't read Critique any more so I haven't seen this. I'd be
interested to
>understand Ticktin's logic, tho. It's not clear to me why Russia should
>disintegrate or why it shouldn't even experience a partial revival, both
>economically and militarily.

JD:  As I say Mark, IMO, it is a thorough analysis.  I don't have access to
a scanner.  However, copies of Critique are kept in the University of
Glasgow Lending Library.   Another library may be able to assist.

In my ongoing personal studies I frequently revisit my own copies of
Critique.   So, time permitting, I'll attempt to put some of the points
raised in the article into my own words, and post.

Right now, I'm aff oot fur thi tradishinal friday night Glesca drink.


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