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Jaquer0 jaquer0 at yahoo.es
Fri Dec 14 16:19:38 MST 2001

I got a message from Louis welcoming me to the list, which is nice, but 
convinced me I was being too clever by half, as the brits say.

I thought long time careful readers of this list would recognize the 
amazing coincidence of views between this scribe's Russian post and a 
certain miscreant who has been sending in assorted rants and raves from 
Atlanta for a couple of years. And, of course, it's not a coincidence, it 
is an  identity of views, as I'm his alter-ego.

So why the identity change? In my other life, my "work" life, I'm now 
writing a bunch of stuff online under that other name. To avoid any 
possible confusion between what I write as a private individual, and what 
goes out under the byline of one of the writers for a well-known 
journalistic organization, I decided to adopt a pen name here. I don't 
think political conditions here require that there be no links between one 
persona and the other, so I'm writing this to alert my friends, although 
the way things are going, that, too, may come to pass (I think Nestor has a 
better grip of the evolution of the situation in the US than many of us 
inside the country). Mostly I just don't want people to put into a search 
engine Joe X Blow and come up with simultaneous, contemporaneous hits for 
what I'm writing under two very different sets of ground rules.

Now, all I've got to figure out is how to put the list in the address 
field, as I'm also trying to switch email programs, and everyone will know.

Jaquero (José)

PS: As to why the .es mail domain, I would have thought the answer would be 
obvious: there aren't, for some strange reason, @yahoo.cu addresses 
available. So .es will have to do.

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