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clip-...nonetheless the German army was intact and
did not retreat. Revolution in the great industrial cities, and fear of
Bolshevik contagion (which the Kaiser's secret police had done so much to
finance and foster!) forced the Germans to seek terms. Once there was an
armistice, ie the civil war between bourgeois brothers was temporarily
suspended to allow time to deal with risings in the servants' quarters, it
was easy to crush the Spartacists. In other words, only a very exceptional
set of circumstances ever permits revolutionary forces to come to state

-clip-. But a future
Russian revolution can surely only be part of a World Revolution, and not
the main part at that. Lenin thought that the Russian revolution would
inevitably be destroyed unless there was also a revolution in Germany. In
the long run, Lenin was right, wasn't he? The Soviet Union could not
survive in the face of relentless and bitter opposition by encircling
capitalist states. clip


CB: I definitely agree that a main cause of the fall of the SU was the failure of revolution in the "West" to join the SU.

I hope I clipped enough above, but this and earlier discussion on this thread suggest that _military_ rivalry on the level of _war_ between the imperialist centers, not just the economic competition and rivalry like that between today's G-8 , is a necessary objective condition for socialist revolution. (now there's a horrible thought) The aid in the form of espionage by the Kaiser in support of the Bolsheviks may involve intrigue and "conspiracies" , but it seems to be a specific expression of military rivalry that was critical in opening the small window of opportunity that Mark has described. The only way that imperialist countries would be that treacherous toward each other would be in a big war. But now they would never support communists as the German's gave opportunistic support to the Bolsheviks anyway. Then the Germans didn't have any reason to fear that "Marxists" could do anything significant because Marxism was an academic theory. And of course with nuclear weapons,!
 anthrax or whatever, we "can't" have a big war between two imperialist powers, less it result in omnicide. Not to mention that the bourgeosie's stables of intellectuals have figured out already exactly what we are saying on this thread, so we can't creep up on 'em like the Bolsheviks did. We have lost the element of surprise because of the earthshaking success of the Russian Revolution and progeny.

So, I guess we are stuck. No socialist revolution. I'll see y'all. Peace out until there is an objective reconfiguring of the whole world . :>)

We may have to preserve our theory academically for future generations to activate practically. So, it has come to that, as I have often feared. We must hope for pie in the sky in the bye and bye , too, while hiding in the catacombs of our age ! oh no !!

Go Chavezism !  Viva Chavez and brave comrades like him.

But wait. What might be a Bolivarism for the U.S. Could we , here in the belly of THE BEAST, at least reinvent and revive our indigenous, patriotic social democracy, Rooseveltism ?  Are the New Deal and the anti-poverty movement un-American ? If the numbers of poor and unemployed keep growing , do we have any real program for them ? What is to be done ?

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