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The collapse of East European and Soviet "really existing" socialism was so
ignominious precisely because it was the end result of a long and
heartbreaking evolution, which saw the class consciousness of the
once-mighty Soviet working class reduced to such a level that when the
Soviet bureaucracy felt free to leave the Sandinista revolution twisting
slowly in the wind, to serve as carrion for the imperialist vultures, no
one protested: not Gorby, not Yeltsin, not the dissidents, not even the
"Trots" of the Mandelista USec or wannabe ex-Trots of the Barnesites.


CB: However, the Red Army did defend the Afghan revolution.  For the Soviets to more openly defend the Sandanistas WITH WORDS ONLY ( which was all that was feasible without provoking nuclear confrontation; the imperialists were investigating for arms shipments from communist countries) may have been a kind of kiss of death at that time. That was exactly what Reagan was saying: The Sandanistas are like Soviets.

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