Facts on Google and facts in the minds

Mark Jones mark.jones at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Dec 15 10:43:55 MST 2001

At 15/12/2001 17:04, Nestor wrote:
>This is where our roads depart, dear Mark. In my own view, the "bitter
>opposition by encircling capitalist states" was a lot less responsible for
>ultimate outcome of the drama than the profoundly erroneous (thus
>criminal, in
>the sense of Talleyrand's famous "This is worse than a crime, Sire, this is a
>mistake") policies adopted by the leaders of the fSU after the death of Lenin
>and the expulsion (and eventual assassination) of Trotsky.
>One of the main trends of this school of mind and praxis was to reserve
>"politics" to the "big ones". Under this assumption, of course the USSR was
>dead from the very beginning. In a sense, you are stating a case for self-
>fulfilling prophecy.

I don't want us to spend time discussing who was the bigger democrat,.
Stalin or Trotsky. But in any case, this is not where our roads part.  Your
position is frankly, just bizarre. You are against the Stalinist Soviet
Union but you are in favour of all-out support for its successor, the
comprador-fascist pro-Bush clique around Putin, which exists only because
of American finance-capital's backing. Where's the logic?


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