Kauffman and Dembsky

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> In any case, I think Kauffman is merely being openminded about the
> question, and seems to have taken a lot of heat for his quite minor
> transgressions including telling it straight about Darwin's theory in
> At Home in the Universe.

I don't presume to speculate as to what Kauffman's motives might be; but,
I suspect he is being used as a stalking-horse for whatever is going to
replace the by now out-moded Dawkins.

Both the Creationists and the Dawkinsites have been going over Darwin with
a fine-toothed comb; and I'm certain that, if there were any serious
flaws, we would all know about it by now. The fact is that principles of
evolutionary theory underly *all* modern understanding of biology, and are
fundamental to a number of other sciences as well. All attacks on Darwin
which I have seen have been methodologically flawed for reasons I've
already discussed. If you wish to discuss this in more detail, I suggest
you check out the various freethought forums on the net. While evolution
per se is not exactly on-topic for Farrel Till's biblical errancy list, he
likes the topic and allows some leeway. At the very least, someone there
will direct you to a more appropriate forum. I believe talkorigins.org has
a discussion list. I am persona non-grata on Till's list since I tried to
explain why some Palestinians may have been cheering on Sept. 11; so,
mentioning my name will earn you a very chilly reception from Till.

Joan Cameron

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