Facts on Google and facts in the minds

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el 15 Dec 01, a las 17:43, Mark Jones dijo:

> Your
> position is frankly, just bizarre. You are against the Stalinist Soviet Union
> but you are in favour of all-out support for its successor, the
> comprador-fascist pro-Bush clique around Putin, which exists only because of
> American finance-capital's backing. Where's the logic?

The logic is in that 

(a) I have always defended the Soviet Union (even when I was a Trotskyist).

(b) I am against Putin's clique

(c) I am _for_ any kind of opposition imperialists may stumble upon in their 
attempts at world domination. Peripherical states -no matter the class 
character of the ruling clique- are ALWAYS such an opposition. A peripherical 
state is always, at least, a nuisance which takes the form of bribes that are 
snatched off profits. You are British, so you may understand that for the 
ruling classes in an imperialist nation, nothing can compare with the Raj. And 
this is the ultimate move of the imperialist core today, precisely because of 
the immense crisis that looms on the horizon and you, among others, keep 
remembering us of.

(d) Russia is a peripherical state and Russian population needs to have a 
second of respite in order to rearrange their ranks.

(e) Even if (d) were false, (c) still remains true. 

So much for bizarreness. Against Stalinism and Putin, for the Soviet Union and 
the Russian State. 

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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