Kauffman and Dembsky

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Sat Dec 15 18:20:02 MST 2001

> Both the Creationists and the Dawkinsites have been going over
Darwin with
> a fine-toothed comb; and I'm certain that, if there were any serious
> flaws, we would all know about it by now. The fact is that
principles of
> evolutionary theory underly *all* modern understanding of biology,
and are
> fundamental to a number of other sciences as well. All attacks on
> which I have seen have been methodologically flawed for reasons I've
> already discussed. If you wish to discuss this in more detail, I
> you check out the various freethought forums on the net.

In fact, the flaws in Darwin's theory were pointed out by some of the
first reviewers of his book, so the question is not finding deeply
hidden flaws but figuring out why this theory is so obsessively
defended. It's beyond me. The only explanation is an ideological
fixation, plus a few other things. As to studying the subject, as you
recommend, that is my problem, I have studied it quite a lot, and my
doubts increase as the Darwin's theory, not, to repeat, the fact of
In general, as to talk.origins, I have posted therefore several
hundred times, so that's not advice.
I would say, be wary of certainty here, along with the company of
these freethinker forums, which are fine until they get on the
subject of Darwin. It is too pat in the obsessive atheist, must have
that proof that Darwin made atheism respectable, or whatever it is
that Dawkins has said in that regard. I am not a theist (or atheist),
the whole game to me is bunk on both sides, but it is not science to
prop up Darwin for these reasons.

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