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Sat Dec 15 20:36:19 MST 2001

Jaquer0 had a very informative post.

Workers World has been covering the issue fairly thoroughly.  I am including
a list of links to the articles it has published since Nov. 1.

The Postal Unions has been very active and militant about the way the workers
it represents have been treated.  Both the national president Bill Burrus and the
NY Metro president Will Smith have urged their workers not to work in
dangerous, ie contaminated facilities.

Since postal workers are and have been directly affected, they haven't been
as distracted as the general public has been by other news.


Workers World Nov. 1, 2001: Postal workers say feds failed to protect them

Workers World Nov. 8, 2001: World's worst outbreak of anthrax.

Workers World Nov. 15, 2001: Union sues gov't over anthrax danger

Workers World Nov. 22, 2001: Anthrax double standard

Workers World Dec. 13, 2001: Senators, postal workers and anthrax

Workers World Dec. 20, 2001  Postal workers rally against anthrax dangers

n 15 Dec 01, at 9:42, Jaquer0 wrote:

> I don't know if people have been following the continuing saga of the
> anthrax investigation.

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