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On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Jim Farmelant wrote:

> Part of the problem here is that Mark and Nestor are both right.
> The October Revolution was ultimately doomed to failure, if
> it could not lead to revolution in the West.  But it is also
> true that Stalin made a number of errors that helped
> to seal the fate of the USSR in the decades following
> his death.

What about the election in Germany in 1933? Had the left recognized the
dangers of fascism in time, they could have run an "Anyone but Hitler"
coalition of socialists and communists, defeating the Nazis at the polls.
Of course, the Nazis were willing to take their struggle to the streets;
but, were they actually in a position to succeed by extra-parliamentary
means at this time?

By the tenor of your other remarks, I get the impression that consensus
has been reached about the disastrous results of the resultant isolation
of the Soviet revolution and subsequent cold war. The way I see it, much
of the present muddle of the left in the core is due to the petty
bourgeois nature of the radicalization of the '60's. The cold war witchunt
eliminated effective working-class leadership; and student intellectuals
were turned off by the crimes - real and imagined - of Stalin.

I was willing to put up with their romanticization of communalism back
then - almost anything was preferrable to the claustrophobic intellectual
climate of the '50's - but I think it's way past time to put the science
back into scientific socialism. This is why I've launched my discussion of
the prehistoric bunk (and thanks, Joe Freeman, for that Engels quote. I'm
not a Marxist scholar and don't have reams of the Sacred Text committed to

However, given the press of current events, I fear this discussion may be
too little, too late.

Joan Cameron

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