CWI accommodation to imperialism in Ireland

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Dec 17 02:19:34 MST 2001

Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote in reply to Ed George about the CWI's two groups in Ireland:

>Not accommodating, just recognising the division of Ireland as a fact. Or
>are you one of those people who insists on calling the southwestern US
>"Atzlan" in denial of the US occupation of Mexican territory?

Oh, come on Xxxx, this is silly.

In Ireland there are a whole number of political, sporting, cultural and
economic organisations which are organised on an all-Ireland basis,
including the trade union movement.  If these kinds of organisations
organise on a national basis, it is certainly an accommodation to
imperialism for the CWI to operate separately within the two statelets.

The only political parties in Ireland which organise separately are those
of the bourgeoisie, along with the pro-imperialist Labour Party and the
Stalinists.  The radical nationalists and most of the far left organise
nationally, eg Sinn Fein, RSF, IRSP, the SWP, Socialist Democracy etc.

Philip Ferguson

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