Facts on Google and facts in the minds

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mon Dec 17 07:30:34 MST 2001

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In any case, we would be living in much different,
and probably, socialist world.


CB: In this counterfactual by which socialism in  Russia/Soviet Union does lead to successful world revolution without an accompanying revolution in an "advanced" capitalist country, it would seem that the orthodox anticipation of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky is overcome.

With respect to the counterfactual by which Stalin does not purge the officer corps, and the SU is so prepared for the German attack that it does not occur , or the SU counterattack goes all the way to the Atlantic, would such SU success have been possible without rapid industrialization as forced by Stalin in his Stalinism ? Would said "socialist primitive accumulation" have been a blunder or a necessary precondition for the world revolution springing from the SU overrunning Europe in counterattack ?

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