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Dear Friend,

Tour organizer Leonardo Hechavarría and I are proud to announce, on 
behalf of the NDP Socialist Caucus, two stellar Cuba Education Tours.

In May 2002, 66 activists will travel to Cuba in two tours of 33 each 
to meet and learn about the island's people and their efforts to 
build a democratic society free of capitalism and oppression.

Tour One: "CUBA FOR BEGINNERS" will arrive in Havana and join with 
one million Cubans celebrating May Day. This two-week sojourn offers 
an incisive overview of the social, political and economic lives of 
the Cuban people. Approximate dates: Monday 29 April - Monday 13 May, 

Tour Two: "SOCIAL JUSTICE IN CUBA" will commence in mid-May for two 
weeks for a candid examination of the achievements and aspirations of 
women, people of colour, youth, and lesbians and gays on the island. 
Approximate dates: Monday 13 May - Monday 27 May, 2002.

Our new website has a wealth of information on the tours and Cuba. We 
invite you to check it out. You can get there through

It provides background on the upcoming tours, our hosts, itineraries, 
past tours, travel tips, a registration form and costs, and an 
impressive data bank of Cuba-related articles and internet links. As 
well you'll find donations and contact information, and opportunities 
to join Cuba news lists, along with photos, facts, film clips and 
music from the island. The site expanding and we encourage readers to 
make submissions to it.

Naturally, we look forward to any feedback you may offer about the 
site. The NDP SC Cuba Education Tours have become an annual event and 
we intend to create one of the best Cuba sites on the net.

Many people have already expressed interest in joining the tours. We 
extend a warm invitation to you to travel with activists from Canada, 
Quebec and the Americas to visit Cuba and witness a society and 
government committed to working people and social equality.

Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.

In the meantime, we'll keep you posted about tour updates and Cuba 

Yours in solidarity,

Marcel Hatch, assistant organizer
NDP SC Cuba Education Tours

Cuba. See it. Experience it. Feel it. Grow from it. Join us!

Louis Proyect
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