Genetic testing confirms: US bioweapons used in terrorist attacks

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Makr Lause wrote:

>>... old news. ...  Most ... likely, some homegrown hyperChristian militia

>>... countries like the US share their weapons technologies freely ... this
covers a lot of people who've since decided that they don't like the US.<<


    a) This is NOT "old news." New news.

    b) Read the WaPo article for youself. The news is NOT that what they
used on the Senators was the Ames strain (think "family" or "type"), but
that the specific line of bacteria (the "sub strain," so to speak) was the
same, the specific bacteriological isolate (descendants from ONE original
cell) that the army's been using for biological warfare research (at least
research) since 1980.

    c) This isolate was NOT "shared" freely. Only a week and a half ago, the
US blew up an international negotiation on protocols for controlling
biological weapons under the treaties banning these weapons on the issue of
inspections. Not right, said the rep from the U.S., to subject U.S., Brits.,
etc., to inspections as these countries have no biowar programs.

    d) Program wasn't known to the public until the middle of last week,
when the Baltimore Sun let the sunshine in.

    e) As of last Thursday's leaks, program started back in 92. As of
yesterday, it suddenly slipped back to 1980.

    f) This was NOT home-brew anthrax, not even 1960s-issue weaponized
anthrax, but NEW technology anthrax; the powdered spores are much finer,
float freely in air, it is much easier to inhale.

(This WaPo article  does NOT go into this in detail, but other articles have
done so.)

It is the combination of the fact that this was an ultra-weaponized anthrax
which only the US knows how to make as far as is known, and the fact that
the specific line of cells is one of the ones known to be in U.S. army
biological weapons inventories, that leads to the conclusion that this was
U.S.-government-produced anthrax that was used in the attack. Apart from two
 U.S. biowar labs, only 4 other places have been found to have *genetically
identical* anthrax cultures, and ALL of these cultures are directly
traceable back to US army stocks. But, again, as far as is known, no one
except the U.S. biological weapons laboratories have developed the
techniques for making weaponized anthrax that is this finely powedered. That
it is their very own strains which have shown up makes the case, in my view,


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