(fwd from P Chandra) Indian Left opposes Indian Expansionism

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Dec 17 10:56:35 MST 2001

There is a growing realisation among the Indian left regarding the utility
of a multinational upsurge against the multinational coalitions of
governments. Although, this realisation is still at its preliminary stage
and thus hardly vocalised in a straightforward manner, but the practical
compulsion is directing it. At least regarding the upsurge in Nepal and the
Indian State's interest in curbing it, it is being realised that something
needs to be done. It is quite clear that a vast strategic belt from
Afghanistan, through Pakistan, India and Nepal is being built to control the
resources of the whole Asia and to challenge any potential threat to the
'Empire'. The recent politico-legal developments in this region is a
pointer - all kinds of radical oppositions are being termed terrorists, and
authoritarian laws have already been evoked in India (leftist organisations
are being banned under it), emergency has been declared in Nepal, where the
Maoists, who were yesterday called rebels, have been re-termed as
terrorists. India which opposes any 'extraneous' active concern in Kashmir
is readily supplying arms and forces to curb the 'insurgency' in Nepal. It
is a welcome effort from the leftist intellectuals and activists to come up
against the Indian expansionist designs.

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