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Mon Dec 17 11:00:49 MST 2001

>>For the Soviets to more openly defend the Sandanistas WITH WORDS ONLY (
which was all that was feasible without provoking nuclear confrontation; the
imperialists were investigating for arms shipments from communist countries)
may have been a kind of kiss of death at that time. That was exactly what
Reagan was saying: The Sandanistas are like Soviets.<<

a) Imperialism in general & Reagan in particular were already quite
thoroughly provoked. The Nicaraguan people had risen up, smashed their state
apparatus, and installed a revolutionary government. If the imperialists did
not send their own troops it's because they didn't have the balls to do so,
and risk the reaction in Latin America, at home -- and in their own army.

b) The USSR sent large quantities of weapons to the Sandnistas -- just not
enough. Reagan made it clear that to send weapons that would be especially
effective against the contras, such as more helicopters and especially
fighter planes, would have negatively affected the Soviet leadership's
efforts for a live-and-let-live understanding with Washington. THAT and NOT
fear of a "nuclear confrontation" with Washington is why Brezh, Andro &
Gorby acted the way they did. American imperialism's ability to carry out
nuclear blackmail against the USSR by then had been quite thoroughly
neutralized by the quite formidable nuclear forces of the Soviet Union.

c) The position you're expressing is the same old  reformist saw:
"Revolution? Are you kidding? The bosses would never allow it?"

d) Reagan's main pitch wasn't that the Sandis were like the Soviets, but
like the Cubans. The idea that you were somehow going to "fool" imperialism
by saying you really weren't making a real revolution and naming convention
centers after the likes of Olof Palme is silly, and, at any rate, it was
tried and it did not work.

e) The Soviet bureaucracy had its own reasons for intervening in
Afghanistan. However, supporting revolution was not one of them, nor was it
one of its effects.


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