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Mon Dec 17 11:42:48 MST 2001

Brian Cahill writes:

Just to put this one to rest. The Socialist Party is
the section of the CWI in Ireland. It is organised
on an all-Ireland basis. i.e. the same party
operates North and South. Socialist Youth, our youth
affiliate is also organised on an all-Ireland basis.

When descriptions of the actions of the CWI
internationally are given, the North and the South
are sometimes listed separately for ease of
comprehension. After all, the type of work the party
is involved in, and the social context, differs
significantly in the two areas.

Ok. Off we go to the CWI website (<http://www.worldsocialist-CWI.org/>). 
Here we find in the 'The CWI in your area...', under 'Europe', 'Ireland - 
North' and 'Ireland - South'. Following the links we find under the heading 
of 'The CWI in Ireland (North)', 'The Socialist Party is the Northern 
Ireland affiliate of the CWI. We are an all Ireland party, of which we are 
the northern region' (which in plain English means having your cake and 
eating it). This page has a link to a website 
(<http://www.geocities.com/socialistparty/>), which describes the party 
thus: 'The Socialist Party is the most active socialist group in Northern 
Ireland with a long and proud history of fighting for workers unity and 
socialism. We originated as the Militant Tendency within the old Northern 
Ireland Labour Party and have been producing our paper since 1972. Back then 
it was called Militant Irish Monthly; today it is the Socialist Voice. The 
Socialist Party has branches and members across Northern Ireland, including 
Belfast, Derry, Fermanagh and Mid Ulster. We operate as the northern part of 
the Socialist Party in Ireland, along with our comrades in Dublin, Cork, 
etc. The Southern comrades also operate a web site to explain the finer 
details of their policies.'

Right. Back we go to the CWI page to look at the 'The CWI in Ireland 
(North)'. We find a long speil on the political and economic situation in 
the 26 counties but not one word on the north. We follow the link to the web 
page: < http://www.socialistparty.net/home.html> (different web page let us 
note) where we find this: 'Welcome to the Socialist Party web site. The 
Socialist Party is a party campaigning in the interests of ordinary workers, 
the unemployed and young people. The Socialist Party stands in the best 
traditions of James Larkin and James Connolly. The former left parties of 
Labour and Democratic Left have embraced the dictates of the market, they do 
not represent the independent class interests of working people. The 
Socialist Party believes that real campaigners and real socialists will make 
a real difference. At this site, you will find the policies, campaigns, 
international links and history of the Socialist Party and an introduction 
to the work of our TD (member of parliament) Joe Higgins.'

And barely a word on the national question; in fact the only reference I 
could find  was an attack on Sinn Fein in the CWI in Ireland (North) web 
page (<http://www.geocities.com/socialistparty/frameset.htm>) which ended 
thus: 'Sinn Fein stand for sectarian division and are a right wing 
nationalist party. They deliberately foment a triumphalist mood in Catholic 
areas and a mood of uncertainty and insecurity in Protestant areas. Their 
attitude to Protestant workers is deeply sectarian, regarding them as 
unthinking dupes of Britain and the unionist leadership. In reality they 
deny Protestants a say by deriding everything they do say; They have nothing 
to offer.' This could have been written for the British Sun newspaper.

You accomodate to imperialism, comrades.



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