FBI and badtrans

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Dec 17 11:44:45 MST 2001

Since several people here were bit by the Badtrans virus, i thought
there might be interest in this article:

FBI wants access to worm's pilfered data

The FBI is asking for access to a massive database that contains the
private communications and passwords of the victims of the Badtrans
Internet worm. Badtrans spreads through security flaws in Microsoft
mail software and transmits everything the victim types. Since
November 24, Badtrans has violated the privacy of millions of Internet
users, and now the FBI wants to take part in the spying.

Victims of Badtrans are infected when they receive an email containing
the worm in an attachment and either run the program by clicking on
it, or use an email reader like Microsoft Outlook which may
automatically run it without user intervention. Once executed, the
worm replicates by sending copies of itself to all other email
addresses found on the host's machine, and installs a keystroke-logger
capable of stealing passwords including those used for telnet, email,
ftp, and the web. Also captured is anything else the user may be
typing, including personal documents or private emails.

cont'd at: http://www.dailyrotten.com/articles/archive/189387.html


les schaffer

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