Exchange with a Communist veteran

Mon Dec 17 14:54:40 MST 2001

I too am passionate about our veteran communist. Your story must and should
be told in your own words. I am prepared to make a financial contribution to
such an undertaking, no questions asked. Specially, I can donate one-hundred
dollars a month for the next twelve months (1200.00) beginning January 10,
2002, for publication. Surely amongst this network we can begin to form an
adhoc "proletarian publishers."

The idea that ther intelligencia is not productive is strange to me. Doses of
reality - the so-called "real struggle" are just that - doses. The veteran
communist are drawn to theory of the class struggle and a high level of
understanding, not necessarily the mechanics of the class struggle, which we
live. I have no objection to sending the checks to Louis.

Comrade veteran, without you there is not me.
Hey, I want to live baby.

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