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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Mon Dec 17 17:35:14 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,
> Now, not wishing to enter JSMill type arguments, do you see a vibrant
> working class (for yourself,the masses) culture that reveals awareness of
> our times?

A fair question.

First, what do we mean by culture here?   We are actually referring to
artistic creation, and its appreciation, aren't we?

"Awareness of our times" is kind of tricky.  Probably not, or at least, this
is not a primary characteristic of it.  It's mostly not political, anyway.

But a vibrant working class culture?  Well, yes, actually.  Just take a look
at the number of working class musicians out there.  Just have a look at the
stuff which people are creating on the net.  Masses of ordinary people -
workers - are creating works of art everyday.  OK, most of it is actually
pretty mediocre - but that is always true of all art.

Workers are writing and painting, sculpting and singing.  They are reading
and talking and thinking, and so on.  And a lot of them are sitting around
watching TV.  Oh well.

Alan Bradley
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