Genetic testing confirms: US bioweapons used in terrorist attacks

gdunkel at gdunkel at
Mon Dec 17 22:50:42 MST 2001

How the Pentagon/US bourgeoisie hypocritically lied and deceived
people about its commitment to developing germ warfare is an important
issue to expose.

But as Marxists, we also must be conscious of how it has affected our
class, in particular, postal workers.

I went to the Dec. 16th NY Coalition for Peace and Justice rally, where
Denis O'Neal spoke. He is a postal worker from Morgan Station and
pointed out that when a Senate Office building was contaminated with
anthrax two months ago, it was closed and still is closed.  When the
machine next to the one he works on was contaminated, post office
management issued him a gauze mask, rubber gloves and told him
the mail must be moved.

He was vehement but I got the feeling his emotions came from
management threatening his life.  He is not alone.  800 or so postal
workers demonstrated Dec. 8 about anthrax in Morgan Station and they
are keeping up the agitation.

We have to figure out how to get the revelations about the source of
anthrax being the US's biological warfare program to the postal workers,
who follow all such news with the greatest attention.


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