Nannies and imperialism

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Tue Dec 18 10:57:58 MST 2001

The Nanny situation is a lose-lose situation.  Nanies are no longer employed only
by the rich who incidentially are still using professionally, (British Nannies)
who are careerists and not particularly exploited.  Nannies are now used by the
middle income segment of the world's population, because of the necessary two
income household finacial fornula.  The Western culture of the nuclear family is
also exclusionary , so that grand parents rather die than take care of their grand
children.  As a result, children of well educated parents are being brought up by
uneducated and culturally deprived naanies of a lower income background.  The
incidents of child abuse by frustrated and angery nannies is very high, and
accidents cuased by uncaring or untrained nannies.  One baby suffered third degree
burns because the newly immigrated nanny was unaware of the hiogh temperature of
US hot running water.  Parents who struggle to increase their income in hope of a
better life are condemning their children to the worst of Fourth World poverty
conditions in the affluent section of US cities.  There was a movement for
companies run day care centers during the brief labor shortage ib few years ago,
but that was cut short by the New Economy collapse.  The "family value" of US
society is repugnant, with open neglect of the aged and the young, regardless of

People are the greated wasted resource in the world today, much worse than the

Henry C.K. Liu

Michael Perelman wrote:

> Do we have to look to the Philipines to see how market forces shred family
> values so dear to the right?  How many Black women before the days of the
> nannies left their children to care for those of the more affluent -- although
> they did get to come home at night?  What about the people working multiple
> jobs just to survive, leaving latch-key children to the mercy of the streets?
> I suspect that this is one of the least commented-on aspects of capitalism
> today.
> --
> Michael Perelman

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