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Tue Dec 18 11:30:19 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Yes, we should record the misery of life in capitalist society.   It is not
new.....nor is its documentation.
Sadly, despite tomes of documented pain.....the misery just keeps on coming.
Point.....after centuries of pain, I find it patronising to the
long-suffering working class just to keep on bringing tears to all
*documenting* the obvious.   Within 5 miles of any of us live the poor.
What has been and still is required is......explanation *beyond* obvious to
all appearance.  That, IMO, is the only job of the left and / or of those
not of the left, but who care.

Of course, the left hold to understanding beyond appearance.   If so, then,
many hide this behind their tears of relativism.  (both in time and place)

1) The rate of payment for overtime (in lace-making) is so small, from 1/2d
and 3/4d to 2d per hour, that it stands in painful contrast to the injury
produced to the health and stamina of the workpeople.....The small amount
thus earned is also often obliged to be spent in extra nourishment.  ( Child
Employment Committee)

2)  It is a very notable thing too, that where long hours are the rule,
small wages are also so.  (Report of Inspector of Factories.  31st October

3)  Employment of Women, -  since 1842 women are no more employed
underground, but are occupied on the surface in loading the coal &c, in
drawing the tubs to the canals, and railway wagons, in sorting &c.
Their numbers have considerably increased during the last three or four
years (n 1727).
They are mostly the wives, daughters, and widows of the working miners, and
their ages range from 12 to 50 or 60 years.

4)  The coal proprietor appoints certain gentlemen to take the oversight of
the workings, and it is their policy, in order to receive approbation, to
place things on the most economical basis that they can, and these girls are
employed at from 1s. up to 1s. 6d a day, where a man at the rate of 2s. 6d a
day would have to be employed.
(n 1816)

JD:   there has never been a time in the history of capital accumulation
when women and child labour has not been to the advantage of the bosses.
Abstract labour is abstract labour.  The less paid for the use of human
labour power, (wage) the *competitive* better.

Our class deserve to know *why* their existence is misery.  However, it
seems to be vogue, *once again*,  seen also in broadsheets, to *only
document* obvious misery.   Revealing only that most have little or no
understanding of process.   Touches heart-strings, most certainly.  Relieves
troubled conscience...maybe.  Informs anyone on reality......absolutely not.

I read with interest a growing desire to move to some sort of publication.
Should content become, in the main, documentation of misery then, all can
save time and grab tomes of appropriate material from the past.
To date, historical *documentation only* of misery has not brought many to
understanding of essence.
The hard-pressed long-suffering working class deserve better.

Point....why should we of the left rush to join the lowest common
denominator of *documention only* of misery?
That just puts us on par with mainstream, liberal and adled bourgeois
thought, and practice.   Thanks, but no thanks.....been there lived it and
still in misery......this, from the working class.



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