Tough times in Barnestown, NZ

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Tue Dec 18 21:25:43 MST 2001

Is it the end of the line for the Barnesites in NZ?

I noticed they came in well under their 'Militant' sub goals - their
ambitious goals were 10 subs in Auckland (which has a million people) and
they only sold 7, and 7 subs in Christchurch (which has 320,000 people) and
they only sold 4.  This amounts to 11 subs sold nationally, well below
their dazzling goal of 17.

Considering that all they do is sell Barnesite papers and literature, it
was a rather poor showing!  It might be time for a trip from someone from
New York to sort them out for a lack of revolutionary proletarian fibre and

I also noticed they only sold 1 or 2 'New International's.  I guess trying
to hawk a mad 10-year-old 'journal' which claims that 1991 is the opening
guns of WW3 and fascism is a big ask, however.

For a group which about 2-3 years ago still had two dozen members, these
sales don't bode well.  Maybe they are down to half that now!  Still, I
have been known to be over-optimistic about their demise before!

It's interesting how this was a group which in the 1980s had maybe 150
people, between the adult and youth organisations and its own paper which
sold over 3,000 copies a fortnight.  Still, full marks to mad Jack's
cadre-crushing strategy - it's about the only thing he's done in 25 years
which has worked!

Philip Ferguson

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