Notes toward a Critique of Evolutionary Economy

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Tue Dec 18 23:02:27 MST 2001

There is something mysterious in the avalanche of pop Darwinism. Most
of Darwin's associates knew there was a problem, from the very
beginning. Mysterious til we see the nature of ideological mass
thought in action.
A century and a half of egregious confusion.

 Rereading Lovtrup's Darwinism: Refutation of a Myth is a tonic, and
always a reminder, even to me, how hypnotic is the spell of
Darwinism. Noone realizes there is a problem. Yet it was clear to
many at the time, including some of Darwin's associates.
The book is full of funny little details.
Thus, as Darwin is correcting the proofs of Origins he is
corresponding with Lyell, whose views are hardly naturalist, and yet
he is very acute and sees the issues with severe clarity...

Thus Lovtrup, p. 178

"...the two theories he was acquainted with, Lamarck's and Darwin's,
were both micromutation theories, suggesting all evolutionary changes
could occur through minute modifications. Lyell realized this
suggestion meets with insurmontable difficulties, especially with
respect to the origin of man..." And then he continues with Lyell's
realization that the problem is the source of the variation...

After 150 years, it is almost haunting to catch this snapshot of
Darwin correcting his proofs, while someone is trying to point out
the exact problems with the theory...

John Landon

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