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On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, Jim Drysdale wrote:

> To take an example:  within a previous moment of decline and transition, for
> example, the 60's / 70's *something* was evident.  <snip>
> Well, is there a biological difference between that generation of youth up
> until the present?

I can suggest one difference. Those of us who were young in the '60's were
living in the midst of the post-War economic boom. Jobs were plentifull;
and it was easy to get out from under the thumb of parental oppression.
Those who didn't go out to work, had easy access to perks from the System
- easy access to student loans, grants made available through the
Opportunities for Youth programmes. We had money in our pockets and first
the record companies, then the rest of the hucksters, recognized a market
when they saw one. This was the material base of that particular

We were full of a sense of our own power. We had beaten down the
claustrophobic walls on '50's paranoia, and were experiencing life on our
own terms. We were *living* the pieties our parents merely mouthed: we
were living amongst the poor in the inner cities (where rent was cheap,
and we could live on love) and were doing all sorts of reformist things
instead of simply praying for the poor in church. We were changing the

None of that is possible now. There is no alternative to the neoliberal
agenda; and there seems to be no future at all for today's youth. I can't
imagine how young people today could feel anything but cheated by their
parents. Most of the young people whom I've met in my various call centre
jobs are living at home, working part-time jobs, and going to school at
the same time. These part-time jobs would have horrified any guidance
counsellor at my high school - cuts into study time! Often, their parents
don't understand how tough things are for this new generation upon whom
they have pinned all their hopes for their own blighted lives. These kids
must feel boxed in.

I'm just glad I never dragged anybody into this mess.

Joan Cameron

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