Jewish terrorists

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Wed Dec 19 09:48:03 MST 2001

Here is what Norman Cantor had to say about the rightwing Revisionist
Zionists in his book *The American Century*.  He notes that:

        "The right-wing Zionists of the interwar era went so
         far from ghetto and shtetl culture as to develop an
        affinity for fascism.  This group was led by the Polish
        intellectual Ze'ev Jabotinsky and became well known
        as the Revisionists.  Menachem Begin came out of the
        Revisionist movement in Poland.  He was a leader of
        the paramilitary Revisionist auxiliary, Betar, modeled
        consciously on the German storm troopers abd Mussolini's
        Blackshirts.  (Revisionists are now called the Herut
        Party, the main component of the Likud coalition)."

        "Jabotinsky and Begin welcomed the Nazis, who, they
        thought, would drive the Jews out of Europe to Palestine.
        They also admired the Nazi's militant and terrorist
        tactics.  The future belonged, they concluded, to fascist
        parties and terrorist groups, and they formed their
        own.  This was useful during the worst days of British
        rule, in 1943-47.  The Irgun Zvi Leumi (Begin) and Stern
        Gang (Yitzhak Shamir), underground terrorist organizations,
        grew out of the Revisionist movement and its Betar
        military organization."

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