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Wed Dec 19 12:56:24 MST 2001

Is the question of gender one where the contradiction can be sought in the biological polarity of male-female?  Certainly the fact of gender oppression, historically specific at any given time, but consistent in its existence as just that for all of recorded history (with a few discrete and questionable exceptions), is indisputable.  Bear with my lack of philosophy here, but I am tryng to get at the seeming impasse that comes up between feminists and marxists so often (and please don't anyone start with the reduction of feminism to one or another "bourgeois school" or I'll scream).  The fact of biological gender does not seem to be the issue, even though people like de Bouvoir (sp?) tried to locate its roots there.  In my own experience, the contradiction seems to be around masculinity and feminity, though that's really vague.  Biological reduction seems to be more an ideological mask.  Masculinity and femininity, if taken as a system, are in fact resolved through their mutual!
 abolition.  Perhaps someone might put me onto any good reads that attempt to theorize them in the same way marxism theorizes economic class, without glibly tryng to economize them in order to subsume them into class, as my old party continually and unsuccessfully tried to do.

Any toughts welcome.


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