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New Statesman
December 17, 2001

The real story behind America's war

by John Pilger

Since 11 September, the 'war on terrorism' has provided a pretext for
the rich countries, led by the United States, to further their
dominance over world affairs. By  spreading 'fear and respect', as a
Washington Post commentator put it, America intends to see off
challenges to its uncertain ability to control and manage the 'global
economy', the euphemism for the progressive seizure of resources and
markets by the G8 rich nations.

This, not the hunt for a man in a cave in Afghanistan, is the aim
behind US Vice-President Dick Cheney's threats to '40 to 50
countries'. It has little to do with terrorism and much to do with
maintaining the divisions that underpin 'globalisation'. Today,
international trade is worth more than GBP11.5bn a day. A tiny
fraction of this, 0.4 per cent, is shared with the poorest countries.
American and G8 capital controls 70 per cent of world markets; and
because of rules demanding the end of tariff barriers and subsidies in
poor countries while ignoring protectionism in the west, the poor
countries lose GBP1.3bn a day in trade. By any measure, this is a war
of the rich against the poor. Look at the casualty figures. The toll,
says the World Resources Institute, is more than 13 million children
every year; or 12 million under the age of five, according to United
Nations estimates. 'If 100 million have been killed in the formal wars
of the 20th century,' wrote Michael McKinley, 'why are they to be
privileged in comprehension over the annual death toll of children
from structural adjustment programmes since 1982?'

McKinley's paper 'Triage: a survey of the new inequality as combat
zone' was presented to a conference in Chicago this year, and deserves
wider reading (he teaches at the Australian National University:
michael.mckinley at It vividly describes the acceleration of
western economic power in the Clinton years, which, since 11
September, has passed a threshold of danger for millions of people.

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