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On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 JOEFREEMEN at wrote:
> Antagonism is a specific express of contradiction. Antagonism can be
> dissolved, contradictions cannot. This is a profound theoretical question
> that I screwed up and probably screwed up again, trying to explain the first
> screw up. Sorry.

My motto is "Never apologize, and never look back. You can't undo the

You discussion has been well received and appreciated. I feel your main
points have been clearly articulated; so, no need to apologize. My remarks
took your discussion off on a tangent.

One could say that the antagonism between the genders has been resolved by
capitalism. In its drive to rationalize production, it first took over and
industrialized the small cottage industries that previously had been the
province of housewives. So it is that, should a man today choose to have
no dealings with women at all, he may purchase the services of male
tailors, chefs, therapists, and even lab technicians who will clone his
children for him. The traditional role of children can be replaced by the
judicious investiture of a pension fund.

Women are now obsolete.

Joan Cameron

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