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Wed Dec 19 19:03:55 MST 2001

>Masculinity and femininity, if taken as a system, are in fact resolved
through their mutual abolition!

  Masculinity and femininity cannot be abolished because it arises on the
basis of a lot of prehistoric bunk, and expresses that, which constitute the
genetic basis of the self movement of human existence and reproduction. The
societal conception of what is masculinity and femininity, changes and the
index used for such changes is social relations of production and productive
forces. The word index means index or framework. Life cannot be fit into a
bottle like a tiny ship.

    Contradictions between men and women? Are you kidding? My daughters are
kicking my ass. I kid you not. Fight for a class program and get out of the
way of the various sectors of the class that come to the fore. Women are over
51% of the working class and I have a lot of new lessons to learn.

       The book on the Women Question is being rewritten by women. I am going
to purchase three copies.

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