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Philip Ferguson writes....

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JD:  Encouraging others to read on scientific socialism can only focus
debate exactly where it should be, on reality.
Marx leaves us in no doubt that, in reality, capitalist society is the
*only* society to be dominated by value.
Therefore, IMO, those who wish to grasp some semblence of reality should
first come to understanding of (at least) the following. (see below)

Their paramount importance found in the fact that they are imbedded in the
*first* part of Capital Vol !.  (Marx)

The fact that Marx delivered the profundity of the following in easily
accessible language, should also point to their paramount importance.
And, in revealing the evolution of exchange, Marx is not offering a history
lesson.  He is revealing the historical material process of our species.

The Commodity.  (the two-fold nature of labour)
Useful labour.
Exchange value.   (including, socially necessary labour time)
Abstract labour.  (*)
Labour power (*)
The Dynamic of Capitalist society.  (briefly, competition between competing
capitals....the productivity of labour.....resulting in all the major ills
of our society. (thought.....can there be minor ills in a value society?)

I would agree with Philip that many read Marx and don't fully understand.
Marx did not begin Capital with analysis of *the* commodity, by chance or by
So, although debate is to be encouraged, it is, IMO, essential that all
grasp essential basics.

For example, come to understanding that abstract labour as value is money.
That is, our society is the *only* society to be dominated by exchange, by
abstract labour, by value, by money.
This moves debate beyond, for example, utopian socialism, sound common
sense, and moral argument.

Our rulers evidence nothing but confusion.  For all socialists (and all
budding socialists) understanding of basics cuts through the confusion of
appearance and approaches reality.



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