Looting in Buenos Aires

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Thu Dec 20 05:20:35 MST 2001

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el 20 Dec 01, a las 0:52, jaquero dijo:

> The Argentine government has declared martial law against the "rioters." We must
> be prepared not to hear from our usual correspondents on this list for a while.
> It may no longer be safe for them to speak freely in their own names. Also
> --let's hope-- they are going to be a little busy.

Well, Jaquero, busy we shall be. But the Martial Law (yes, that was the 
translation) will hardly be nuisance. Look, I am just up from bed after a night 
that took me to close my eyes around 5 AM. I have been on the march from my 
neighborhood (in fact, it was humbly yours who sparked the march, by proposing 
the mass to move away from the square where we had met). Side by side with me 
there was a man from the Prefectura (some kind of Coast Guard, which was 
summoned to take part of the repressive forces as soon as the Martial Law was 
imposed). He was among the most enthusiastic ones, and I asked him, "Hey aren't 
you supposed to be on the other side". With a winkle he answered: "We answered 
to our officers that we were not going to repress people who could be our 
neighbors like you, and with whom we agree". "What did they answer", was my 
reply while we were marching along Paseo Colón towards Plaza de Mayo. "OK, 
guys", he tells me they were commanded, "if that is your mood you are right, do 
as you prefer".

There was some police repression in Plaza de Mayo and in Plaza Congreso, which 
was brutal and probably sparked by agents within the mass of people. But the 
whole of the machine is run down and will not -rpt will NOT- repress. The 
Commanders in Chief are said to have resigned in front of De La Rúa when he 
informed them that he was about to establish the Estado de Sitio.

This is the funniest Estado de Sitio I have seen in my whole life (and I have 
seen some...)

Hug, now I am going to my job where I will try to have the Big Boss out!

Will see what happens!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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