Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Thu Dec 20 10:41:59 MST 2001

Truly, there's no honor among thieves...The explanations of the Brazilian
media about what "went wrong" in Artgentine - because the Argantinians
"privatized badly", or because the peso/dollar peg was "actually the old
gold standard" merit to be put into an encyclopedia of mendacity. Never
before have these old ruling classes and their henchmen appeared so
sollipsistical, exhausted, devoid of a single new idea; to see the headline
of O Globo talking opposing the economic stagnation to the "the social gains
of the Cardoso era" is a chapter in the history of eristic argumentation.
Complete exhaustion, overripeness, sclerosis, decay...what more can be said?
By them nothing, I daresay.

Carlos Rebello

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