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[snip Ed George on the fact that the Northern Region
of the Socialist Party in Ireland has its own website]

I'm amazed to see that the fact that the Northern
Region of the Socialist Party has its own website has
caused such shock. You will actually find that quite a
number of regions within the bigger CWI sections have
their own websites. Branches sometimes do too.

As I said in my earlier post, the Socialist Party is
an all-Ireland party. Like other national CWI sections
it is divided into regions. There is rather more
emphasis placed on the regional structure in Ireland
than in many other sections for the blindingly obvious
reason that the social, political and economic
contexts for party activity vary wildly between the
North and the South.

This should not be beyond the wit of anyone looking at
the structure of our organisation. I can only conclude
that some on this list have no interest in fairness or
accuracy, and are merely looking for any excuse to
smear us.

> And barely a word on the national question;

You will find very little content of any sort on the
main website. It was put up in a hurry some years ago
and has been ignored ever since. It would be nice to
have a better website, but the party has always had
rather more important things to do with our limited

The Northern Region's website has a lot more content,
though and actually has quite a lot about the Northern

[quotes from an article on Sinn Fein on one of our

> This could have been written for the British Sun
> newspaper.

If you think that the Sun would publish a socialist
critique of Sinn Fein then you really are divorced
from reality. SF are a sectarian right wing party,
funded by wealthy Americans, seeking to unite all
Catholics rather than all workers. Their recent
actions include fighting against the term time
workers, helping to privatise Irish schools and
hospitals, salivating over a visiting Bill Clinton,
welcoming arms dealers to Derry and voting to
introduce double taxation on working class families in
Sligo. I won't bother to go into the earlier actions
of their military wing. There are some on this board
whose illusions in Sinn Fein are nearly
unchallengable. They have picked up a whiff of
exciting gunpowder in a country far away and sadly
they may never learn. For the rest of you, I invite
you to find out what Sinn Fein actually stands for.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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