Middle-earth fascism?

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Thu Dec 20 13:59:40 MST 2001

>From Jim Drysdale,

Martin writes...

More dangerous in my view is stuff like William Golding's 'Lord of the
Flies' - still a set book in British schools. Dreadful tale showing how
civilisation is only a thin veneer masking the savagery within. The world
being set to rights, in the end, by the intervention of a British Naval
Officer. No prizes for guessing what Golding was (a Lieutenant I believe).
Martin Spellman

JD:  Has there ever been a ruling class who actively promotes dissenting
literature?   That said, I deliver language skills (called English in UK
schools) to teenagers, and many texts, vidoes etc certainly show the horror
of being working class.   That is, it is not the promotion of bourgeois
thought that imprisons the working class.

No doubt Golding, Huxley and others are suited to the requirements of the
bourgeoisie but their thought, no matter how agenda driven and / or just
plain adled, does not underpin day to day capitalist relations.
A glance at, for example, Argentina as we speak, where many will have read
bourgeois literature, shows what a thin veneer separates the historical
literary (agenda driven or not) wish lists of our rulers from naked class
These literary wish lists, of course, are not confined, for example, to the
bourgeois novel.   Sociology and psychology spring to mind.  Should these
bourgeois *creations* hold sway then, many social science students in, for
example, Argentina will remain within the cloisters.

The decaying ideology of capitalist society is commodity fetishism.

As capitalism implodes and humanity struggles towards rational thought, it
should be no surprise in a society where essence is hidden that the world of
dreams and fantasy is the last domain of the media / financial sector of our
rulers.  In the recent period, has this not always been the case, ably
assisted by evolving technology?
Hollywood offered to all, in place of now, *less effective* agenda driven
written texts.   Mc Carthyism, for example, as a more blatant example of
ruling class censorship.  Politics itself, now nothing more than soap opera.

Decline clears all irrational forms.  Even santa may find rising awareness
coming up the chimney to meet him.



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