fascist hobbits?

Brian James bajames at uniserve.com
Thu Dec 20 15:14:41 MST 2001

> What's ironic is that the Rings trilogy originated as a series of letters
> Tolkien sent to his son in a Nazi P.O.W. camp! The Trilogy itself is a
> thinly veiled tale of hope in the allied war against fascism, although some
> read into it a struggle against the Stalinist Soviet Union.

I searched the web on the origin of the book Lord of the Rings and found
nothing to support this claim. I did however find this, on a white
supremicist web site:

"...The "evil of mixing," as Tolkien describes it, is a major theme of
his writing, and is naturally of much interest to those who wish to see
the various racial groups of humanity preserved, rather than being
destroyed forever through the intermingling of blood.

"As he wrote his epic, Tolkien would mail out each completed chapter to
his son, Christopher, who was serving in the RAF in South Africa between
1944-1950. Coincidently, this was at precisely the time when that
self-governing Dominion of the British Empire was instituting a policy
of separate development for different racial groups. ....."

*Warning: This is a Racist Website*

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