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At 10:08 AM 12/20/2001, Brian Cahill wrote:
 >from reality. SF are a sectarian right wing party
 >funded by wealthy Americans, seeking to unite all
 >Catholics rather than all workers.

I don't think it's a coincidence that their move toward the center-right on
many issues coincides with the increased influence of wealthy, conservative

It makes it even more ironic that Castro declared Gerry Adams a
"revolutionary brother" just days ago when there's nothing revolutionary
about administering British rule, fighting against term workers, and
promoting privatisation schemes.

SF would appear to be trying to have its cake and eat it too.  I think the
visit to Cuba was an attempt to placate the people within SF and some of
its supporters who think the party has gone to far to the right.  It'll be
interesting to see how Adams sells the visit to his American supporters.

I do think there are serious leftists in SF, even a few Marxists, but they
have to realize that SF is not a vehicle for advancing such politics nor
will it be in the future.  Having overtaken the Social Democratic & Labour
Party in the North as the center-right nationalist party, SF is now trying
to do the same in the South.

If people are serious about republican socialism, I would suggest that they
support or join the IRSP.

There are other Irish Left organizations they could join, but most of them
took a rather poor stance on the actual working class struggle in the North
to begin with.

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