Statement by the Party of the National Left of Argentina

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Thu Dec 20 22:01:00 MST 2001

[Below is a translation of the statement of the Party of the National Left
posted earlier today on the Marxism list on the wake of the overthrow of the
Citibank-De La Ruá-Cavallo administration in Argentina.

[With two days of spontaneous but decisive actions, the Argentine masses
have dealt a formidable blow -- and let us hope it is a death blow -- to the
neo-liberal social and economic policies imposed on that country first by
the clique of generals that overthrew the government in 1976, and then by
their continuators, most notably Alfonsín, Menem, De La Ruá and the man once
hailed as Argentina's Allan Greenspan, Domingo Cavallo.

[The translation is by me. I have tried to make it more accessible by
injecting some explanatory material in brackets throughout, and by often
choosing language in English that more closely reflects the spirit of the
original, even when dictionaries might offer other choices for certain
terms. Jaquero.]

*  *  *

Statement by the Party of the National Left on the events of December 19 and
20, 2001

On the December 19 and 20, an energetic popular mobilization demanded in the
streets of all our cities, and especially in Buenos Aires, and end to a
presidency that was politically illegitimate and servile to imperialism.
This administration took power with two deaths, and continued to accumulate
more deaths during its brief time in office, and now withdraws with
twenty-one corpses. That's the bottom line on a government that placed
itself completely at the service of big capital.

We Argentines have risen to resist the beatings, the tear gas and the
bullets with which Dr. Fernando de la Rúa, copying the model of [Gral.]
Videla and [head of the bosses' association and then minister] Martínez de
la Hoz, tried to maintain what was virtually a dictatorship against the
spontaneous and unanimous rejection of that regime by society as a whole.

We are saying "Enough!" to an entire historic cycle. These events mark a
break with the continuity of the regime installed on March 24, 1976 [by a
military coup]. We are repudiating a quarter century of sell-outs, of
destroying the State and of general pauperization. We are repudiating the
Process [military dictaroship] and its continuators ([civilian presidents]
Alfonsín, Menem and De la Ruá). We are willing, in sum, to take back control
of our own country and our own lives.

[Currency] Convertibility ended today in the only possible way: it produced
a general conflagration which will end by burning everyone who, through
their actions, agreements or inaction, permitted Argentina to be transformed
into a financial colony.

It is necessary to return to the course of the national, popular and
democratic revolution which was cut off in 1955 and 1976. To that end, the
Party of the National Left demands:

Immediate lifting of the unjustified and unconstitutional State of Siege.
Repression must stop, and those responsible for it should resign.
Specifically, Dr. Ramón Mestre and Dr. Enrique Mathov should accept the
legal and judicial consequences for their actions. These functionaries are
the only ones responsible for the deaths that have taken place over the past
two days and should pay for them.

Fernando de la Ruá's resignation is not enough. People like Drs. Duhalde and
Ruckhauf should also be repudiated, since through their silence or agreement
they allowed the continuation of an economic policy of hunger, looting and
sellout, and culminated their complicity by validating the state of siege.

The Supreme Court has demonstrated its complete subjection to the power of
the great economic and financial groups by recently granting liberty to the
person most responsible for the covertibility policy [former President]
Carlos Menem. It should be impeached and removed.

The Armed Forces should stick by their refusal to repress their compatriots,
and should place at the disposal of a new justice system those responsible
for having turned it into a weapon of coercion at the service of
anti-national economic powers.

All of the leaders, civilian and military, who looted the country should be
brought to trial on charges of treason.

The payment of interests on the foreign debt should stop right now, and its
legitimacy should be investigated by  the nation's courts by reopening the
case initiated by Alejandro Olmos. All payment of debt service in foreign
currencies should stop immediately.

All the companies that were privatized should be renationalized as state
property. The exports of profits by these companies should immediately
cease; their financial operations should be intervened.

The banking system and foreign trade should be immediately nationalized,
with no exceptions. The AFJP must be nationalized without delay, and the
pension system reconfigured on the basis of a distribution regime [this
undoubtedly has a very specific meaning in the Argentine context, but I don'
t know what it is].

It is imperative to restore salaries and pensions to a level in keeping with
the cost of a market family basket [i.e., to cover the basic necessities],
recovering what has been taken away since March 24, 1976.

On this basis it will be possible to estgablish a redistribution of wealth
towards the mosty dispossessed, relaunch Argentina's induistries, and free
the country from the international financial and mercantile dictatorship. To
that end, finally, the laws on financial entities (Martínez de Hoz), on the
Reform of the State, and on  the economic emergency should be immediately

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