Holiday Message from Ireland

Donal donaloc at
Fri Dec 21 03:08:27 MST 2001

A chairde agus daoine eile,

It's quite something to find a supporter (member) of the IRSP supporting an
attack on fellow republicans coming from likely British agents. I was trying
to avoid falling into a full-scale defence of my party's strategy as there
are many ears aboard. I had also studiously avoided raising the visit of Mr
Adams to Cuba on the basis that it really wasn't that important and would
only allow the pretext for anti-revolutionaries to open up. It seems Mr
Cahill couldn't restrain himself in any case. I am disappointed that Ms Ni
Dhighe should join the scumbag in his blatent pro-British stance and attack
on the main Republican party in Ireland.

As far as our supposed lurch to the centre-right (not even centre-left! - it
just identifies the bias of the comments made), I see very little over here.
As far as name-calling us sectarian is concerned, I won't even bother
commenting. It seems that Mr Cahill is still going on about a mistake made
by our councillors in Sligo, but has been caught out by time - the movement
has ensured that all elected reps are up-to-speed on this one this time

It seems that the problem for our enemies is that their false analysis has
been shown to be what it is a schema applied coarsehandedly to Ireland,
rather than an opinion shaped by sound analysis and work on the ground where
the people's opinions can be gauged. Over the last few weeks the
consciousness of the local population has been raised dramatically and they
see now more clearly that the Republican movement retains it's old goals and
that it is every bit as implacably opposed to inequality in all its forms.
In this period, we have actually experienced a large number of activists
coming back into the movement from decades of inactivity - this, at the time
when our enemies point to 'decommissioning'.

Castro clearly sees what those who take a quick glance don't. That the
Republican movement is acting objectively in the interests of the worldwide
working class, that it has the potential to become a revolutionary movement
in state power. He knows of our mistakes and strategic compromises, our
current limitations in terms of political strength and depth (membership) of
theory, but understands that this is all driven by a revolutionary vanguard
movement. Politically-minded criminals, drug-dealers and fake socialists
will be increasingly shown to have no popular support, no capacity for a
disciplined fight and to be full of rhetoric but empty on action. They will
be out of the country when the bullets are flying, they will be too busy
collecting monies from drug sales, they will be looking for wage improvement
but forgetting the fact that the Brits are on our streets, in our villages,
around our houses. The war is here and we are fighting it in whatever way we
deem necessary.

Again, I will keep this short as I won't be able to respond until after
Christmas. I, unlike so many of our critics, can't afford a personal
computer. Having the benefit of a PC at work I would like, on my own behalf,
and from the rest here, to send our very best wishes to our revolutionary
brothers in Argentina in this period of historic importance.

I would also like to thank Jaquero for giving the address for Cubanews,
reading the statements made by the 5 Cubans who have been jailed was truly
moving. My heart goes out to them, they are not alone. History will absolve

Happy holidays all,

Tá ár lá ag teacht!


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