Holiday Message from Ireland

nidhighe at nidhighe at
Fri Dec 21 09:52:46 MST 2001

>It's quite something to find a supporter (member) of the
>IRSP supporting an attack on fellow republicans coming from
>likely British agents.

Brian Cahill and I disagree on many things, but I wouldn't start accusing him of being a British agent because we disagree.  That's a dangerous accusation to make about someone, as any member of Sinn Fein should be aware.

>I am disappointed that Ms Ni Dhighe should join the scumbag
>in his blatent pro-British stance and attack on the main
>Republican party in Ireland.

I am disappointed that legitimate criticisms have been taken as attacks.

>Politically-minded criminals, drug-dealers and fake socialists
>will be increasingly shown to have no popular support

Well, I wondered when you would get around to the usual black propaganda about the IRSP and the INLA.  Unlike the criticisms I made about your party, yours have no basis in fact and are simply an attempt to smear the movement.

If you have some criticism of our actual policies and current activities, I would love to hear them.  I don't take legitimate criticism as an attack.

>forgetting the fact that the Brits are on our streets, in
>our villages, around our houses.

And your response to this is to give up your weapons and become members of a British backed Assembly?


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