Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Fri Dec 21 12:33:23 MST 2001

I would like to add that, as the very apt statement by the Party of the
National Left remarks, recent events in Argentine signal for the final
exhausting of the neoliberal model in Latin America. Actually, coming when
the conservatives where to begin producing something like those
commemorative medals issued by Louis the 14th. with Latin headings like
_Africa emendata_ ["Africa chastised", in commemoration of a bombarding of
Algiers by the French fleet], the Argentine spontaneous insurrection
interrupts the praise that was to be reaped on "Afghanistan emendata". The
Argentinian events acquire a more deeper meaning when one thinks that, after
the subduing of a postmodern terrorist movement based on the idealization of
a legendery past and /or a search for lost identioties , seeing itself as a
Fellowship of the Ring as against the evil Sauron- we are once again put
from the phantasmagoric realm of postmodern politics into the classical
pattern of revolution as a general spontaneous mass movement. Therefore the
fact that something new (or at least the return of something we tought was
gone forever). _CR

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