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 Great mob that knows no fear –
 Come here!
 And raise your hand
 Against this man
 Of iron and steel and gold
 Who’s bought and sold
 You –
 Each one –
 For the last thousand years,
 Come here,
 Great mob that has no fear,
 And tear him limb from limb,
 Split his golden throat
 Ear to ear,
 And end his time forever,
 Now –
 This year –
 Great mob that know no fear.

------- by Langston Hughes

 Lenin walks around the world. 
 Frontiers cannot bar him. 
 Neither barracks nor barricades impede. 
 Nor does barbed wire scar him. 
 Lenin walks around the world. 
 Black, brown, and white receive him. 
 Language is no barrier. 
 The strangest tongues believe him. 

 Lenin walks around the world. 
 The sun sets like a scar. 
 Between the darkness and the dawn 
 There rises a red star.

------- by Langston Hughes


 I dream a world where man
 No other man will scorn,
 Where love will bless the earth
 And peace its paths adorn
 I dream a world where all
 Will know sweet freedom's way,
 Where greed no longer saps the soul
 Nor avarice blights our day.
 A world I dream where black or white,
 Whatever race you be,
 Will share the bounties of the earth
 And every man is free,
 Where wretchedness will hang its head
 And joy, like a pearl,
 Attends the needs of all mankind-
 Of such I dream, my world!

------- by Langston Hughes

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