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One of the problems here is to even get started on 'new age'
meanderings. I am sorry I mentioned it. If Marxism did one thing, it
was to cut off the spigot for this. Once a group gets started in this
vein, as the New Age movements shows, it seems all downhill, and then
the marketeers take over. So it is perhaps counterproductive to bring
this stuff up at all. But it is essential to get the evolutionary
psychology of man straight to have a movement at all. To claim that
derivative dialectic is science and overrides all other forms of
knowledge won't hack it anymore. One's next move requires careful
thought, looking at the cultural chessboard. And it seems a bit sad,
that the Marxist heritage with similar echoes and real potential here
to cut the bullshit filters it all out in a positivist nosedive, that
wasn't really in the original Marx of the 1840's.
But then...
 I was just looking at From East to West by Roy Bhaskar and suddenly
repented of everything I said. A fascinating book, but...
My suggestion has already been more than adopted, but what is the
use? Bhaskar's book is like rich fudge, and then a second, then a
third helping.... What a siren.   Bhaskar's no Deepak Chopra, almost
a problem. So I will be polite, read his book and learn something.
This new fix of religion, east and west, will end as a new global
form of domination, no doubt. One can see it coming. There the
austere silence of Marxism actually has a 'good move' in their
somewhere, if only it can survive preemption or, worse, just being
swept up in an avalanche.
Anyway the point is that human nature can't be defined by
sociobiologists and evolutionary psychologists in the fashion now
becoming standard, and I think behind all of this New Age distraction
we see the reason why in the rich heritage that is below the surface
of Marxism.

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