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On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Mike Friedman wrote:

> Another subscriber to this list pointed out, if I am paraphrasing
> correctly, that just because folks partake of a particular literary form
> doesn't mean their worldview is determined by it.

I didn't say that. Art appreciation is entirely a subjective matter; and,
for that reason alone, I don't like to argue about it. However, one can
still trace recognizable themes in most artwork; and the LoR does indeed
fall into the Hero category. It is indeed a spiritual quest that validates
the "rightness" of the protagonist to be admired by his followers, and
that, in turn lends him a moral authority which embues him with
charismatic power, and that, in a nutshell, is the Fuehrer Principle,
which, by the way, we can find in embryonic form in Big Man societies and,
as well, in the elder-authoritarianism of pre-class societies.  If this
theme resonates with you, no doubt we can attribute that fact to the
presence of this theme as a foundational aspect of the culture of our age.
It is comforting to you because it is familiar. That's all. It's probably
no big deal. You're a big boy and capable of telling the difference
between fantasy and reality; and you probably have a different set of
priorities in reality than you do in fantasy, or you wouldn't be
subscribed to this list in the first place, would you?

As for turning Mr. Bush into a hedgehog, I'd rather turn him into a human
being. I think a human being in the President's office would do more good
for the world than a hedgehog could.

Btw I like Wagner, too, as long as I don't have to listen to the words.

Joan Cameron

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